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Featured Projects

 A lovely terraced bed along a sloping lawn. Leuders stone slabs make up the steps and walls. Plantings are Native Texas and adaptive plants designed to introduce color, movement and aroma into the patio and landscape setting.
This customer built a beautiful Texas Hill Country style home and wanted to also enjoy a beautiful Native Texas landscape. All plants were chosen to require minimal watering while still giving great impact. The landscape includes Native Texas shrubs, perennials, grasses, trees and even boulders and mulch! Also pictured is an Aqua Basin to lend a tranquil quality to the front landscape.
A suburban oasis! This project included a 20' stream starting at a 2' waterfall and ending in a 11'x16' Koi pond. The water feature is located in a flower bed that runs along the back fence and also contains a stand alone flagstone patio that overlooks the entire water feature.
We also extended the existing patio attached to the house and made it run the length of the house and covered it with flagstone. To hide from the sun, we covered the entire flagstone patio with a cedar arbor to provide shade. And last, but not least, a simple stoned in outdoor kitchen/grill area!
 This is another customer with a Hill Country style home and an all Native Texas landscape.  Plants pictured are some of our favorites: Hill Country Aster, Lindheimer Muhly Grass, Texas Sage, Desert Willow and Autumn Sage!
A Pondless Waterfall with a long stream that runs along a walkway and flagstone patio. We love to use stone slabs as bridges as they are natural and low profile. Planting are newly installed Native and adaptive Texas plants. They are few in number to provide some openness as the Native woods are so close and thick!
Waterfalls, Streams, Ponds, Pondless waterfalls and Aqua Basins are a great addition to patio areas. Nothing else adds interest and tranquility as moving water does!!
 A simple cedar arbor used as an outside room by our customers. Imagine a cool, shady retreat from the Texas heat where you can enjoy that lunch or family dinner.  Plants are a mix of shade and sun loving Native Texas and non-native plants.
And 11'x16' pond with a 2' waterfall and 25' stream! There is no better addition to a backyard than a low maintenance, natural ecosystem water feature. All water features are surrounded by flower beds and we specialize in using Native Texas and adaptive plants that are drought tolerant. After all, what is the point in having a high maintenance landscape that can't survive water restrictions!
A landscape for Texas! Along the foundation of the house are more orderly shrubs, but as we move out from the house we get more natural and fun! A great mix of shrubs, grasses, trees and perennials!
 Every pool needs and Outdoor Kitchen!  This Outdoor Kitchen take advantage of the natural sun and shade the backyard provides, while providing a beautiful retreat for the cook while keeping the family fun going!
 A beautiful Outdoor Kitchen and a large Pennsylvania Blue flagstone patio! Outdoor Kitchens are fantastic ways to extend enjoyment of your new landscape by getting the whole family outside for cookouts and meals as well as providing a natural oasis for dad to grill and chill. There are no limits to the customized options for your outdoor kitchen. Any amenity your house's kitchen has can be had outside for a full service, gourmet Outdoor Kitchen. The one pictured includes a sink, storage drawers, trash can, large grill and burners, plenty of counter space and electricity to run mixers, blenders, music and lights.
This peaceful patio area used to be just boring grass. We turned it into a lovely hideaway! The patio is flagstone, a natural stone that lends a sturdy, timeless feel. Of course, in Texas, if you have a patio, you need shade so you can hide from the heat! The stained cedar arbor provides the shade while still letting the air flow through. And last, but not least, every patio needs an outdoor grill and bar area as well!
 This is the view looking out from the bar in the previous picture! What a place to relax and eat a burger while the friends and family play!
 A low maintenance landscape for Texas! This landscape is full of flowering shrubs, perennials and grasses that are native Texas plants or adaptive!
 Plants for Texas! Native plants include: Texas Sage, Autumn Sage, Hill Country Aster and Gulf Muhly Grass. The adaptive plants are Rosemary, Trailing Rosemary and Knockout Rose!
 A cozy Water feature with 2' waterfall. Gulf Muhly grass is the main plant behind the waterfall. It is a Native Texas grass that grows about 2 foot tall and puts up purple seed heads in the fall that forms a "purple mist." A beautiful, low maintenance plant for a natural eco system, low maintenance water feature.
This is a view from the screened in patio looking out to the water feature and landscape. The pond is 11' x 8' and has a 2' waterfall. The sound of falling water is fantastic and the fish, lilies, and other water plants provide color and movement! The landscape contains native trees, adaptive trees, native and adaptive shrubs, and annual color plants.
 Beautiful drought tolorant Texas landscape outside a Hill Country style home.
 The Autumn Sage pictured is a humming bird magnet! Other benefits of this Texas Native is that it flowers all spring, summer and fall while staying green in the winter!
 A plant made for Texas: Knockout Rose! This plant is as close to a miracle plant as can be. It is full of color from spring to the second freeze, drought tolerant, no need to prune and evergreen! Also pictured are Rosemary, Trailing Rosemary, Autumn Sage and Texas Sage. A proper landscape for Texas will use minimal water while providing maximum impact.
 A thick, lush landscape for TEXAS! All plants are drought tolorant and lush green or full of flowers. Color provided by Autumn Sage, Hill Country Aster, Yuccas, Knockout Roses and Lantana. The trees are Chinese Pistache and Yaupon Holly. The Yaupon holly is a wonderful Native Texas tree and the Chinese Pistache is a highly recommended tree for Texas by Texas A&M due to its great drought tolorance and fall color!
 A wonderful water feature right off of the back patio. The pond has a 2' waterfall and contains Koi, lilies and graceful cattails. Landscape plants are Texas Sage, Lindhiemer Muhly grass (a Texas Native) and Dwarf Yaupon and adaptive dwarf grasses. To provide color, Autumn Sage can be seen on the other side of the pond.
 A peaceful, living landscape complete with moving water, rustling grasses, aroma and color. Trailing Rosemary grows over the rocks on the waterfall creating a soft cascading evergreen while releasing a pleasing aroma to the patio. To provide color to the lush green oasis, Autumn Sage was used behind the graceful cattails. Not only do they provide color, they also are favorite flowers of humming birds! So turn off the Discovery Channel and go out back and watch it LIVE!


My husband and I have been enjoying our water garden for 5 years. Because of its location outside our kitchen window, we can drink our morning coffee while looking at the abundant yellow lantana and listening to the birds as they play in the waterfall. The beautiful colors and peaceful sound of the waterfall create a place where we can rest!
Sachse, TX

I have enjoyed my pond tremendously and part of that enjoyment is the service that Matt has provided. He is always pleasant and cooperative. All my service calls have been prompt to resolve. I have recommended him several times to persons thinking of installing a pond.
Rockwall, TX

I cannot say enough good things about Texas Land Design and Matt. During installation all our questions were answered knowledgeably and professionally. Any problems that arose after the pond was complete were addressed promptly and to our complete satisfaction.
McKinney, TX

Texas Land Design turned our back yard into what we call "our little piece of heaven". Our water feature is beautiful and we enjoy relaxing to the sound of the waterfall.
Prosper, TX

Since 2004 we have had 3 pumps fail within warranty time line. One call was all it took on all occasions. Texas Land Design stands behind their work and we have always been more than satisfied with the level of integrity and service they provide.
Plano, TX

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